1. START NOW! The earlier you begin fundraising, the more successful you’ll be.

2. Lead the way – make the first contribution to highlight your efforts, then ask friends and family to match your donation.

3. Update and use your fundraising page often – Share your passion with your networks. Upload photos and share your story about why you are raising money and why you are supporting the Sacramento SPCA’s Doggy Dash.

4. Use company matching programs – Ask your company (or your networks) to match pledges received.

5. Just Ask! Most people are more than willing to help support causes that are being championed by their peers. Provide them the opportunity to participate with you and watch the donations come rolling in. No amount is too small.

6. Host an event – coordinate a raffle, silent auction, bake sale, penny drive, garage sale, poker night, book sale, clothing swap etc. to collect donations that can be used towards your individual or Doggy Dash team fundraising goal. Enlist your friends, family, co-workers and/or children to help spread the word and collect items/donations for your team/individual fundraising page.

7. In the new year, get healthy by starting a walking, jogging or exercise club and ask for pledges for each day you workout or for each mile you concur. Don’t forget to include your dog, who can also help you train and be prepared for the 5k/2k walk at the Doggy Dash!

8. Use your social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and other social media tools are a great way to stay connected to your networks and share what’s most important to you. Share with your friends your Doggy Dash fundraising goal and keep them posted on progress to-date – your friends want you to succeed.

9. Offer  your donors incentives for helping you meet your goal! Would your friends like a night out on the town with drinks on you? Or would they love to see you cut your hair or shave off that beard? Set goals for your friends and family and if you succeed, they get to become a part of the celebration. Get creative and have fun.

10.  Start a dog walking service dedicated to raising funds for the Doggy Dash! Walk your neighbors dog for cash or volunteer at a local shelter and walk dogs during your lunch break. Have your friends and family pledge money for every dog you walk.

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